Hello World, I'm Kevin  

Time to read: 2 min | 15 September, 2020 | Kevin Homan

Hello, and welcome to my professional portfolio and blog. I'm Kevin, and this is effectively version 2 of my professional portfolio. While my original site was a simple React site, with this updated site I intend to 1) add a little flair to the site, and also combine my nacent bloggging habit and my portfolio into one site.

So again, welcome. I'm Kevin, a husband, father and occasional workerbee. I work as a Staff Solutions Architect for Northrop Grumman, in our Cloud Services and Support Group (CSSG). In short, we act as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for internal Northrop groups and projects looking to build out new solutions either as a research and development project, or as a proof-of-concept for capture work. We act as both the procurement source for new AWS and Azure accounts, as well as solutions architect's helping customers develop and shape their cloud solution. On top of these duties, I serve as one of seven architects for our Health and Civil Services Business Unit, shaping strategy for our business unit, and responding to new business capture effort in an effort to expand our cloud services offerings with our customers. While I don't know where the rest of my career will take me, I envision myself someday as a Chief Architect or even a CTO.

Outside of work I am husband to my wonderful wife Hillary, father to three awesome kids a Freemason, track-day enthusiast and SCCA member, Formula 1 fan and celebrator of the outdoor life. My family and I enjoy time on the Maryland Eastern Shore, fishing in the evenings, and swimming during the day.

I've been blogging for about a year and a half or two years now. I've been using the Medium blogging service, and haven't decided if I'll be bringing my stories from there over to here yet. In the meantime, you can find them here;

Kevin's Medium Profile

What you'll see on my Medium site is I don't exactly write about one topic. I started this little journey writing about Masonic topics, which then grew into writing about IT topics and finally, I've started writing about my experiences on track recently. My hope is there's something here for everyone, my writings are a bit varied, just like my interests. I know I'm supposed to stick to one topic, but hey, this is 2020, let's break a few rules here!

So welcome, I hope something on here grabs your interest!